January 20, 2024

Am still on Twitter for reasons that really escape me (does inertia count?). Trying out Threads, but until the algorithm decides to feed me the people I’m actually following (and comes to the desktop) it’s not very serious. Am on Mastodon, which I can understand why people find intimidating. Not on Bluesky because nobody’s given me an invite. Not on Post.

Can’t quite figure out how to remove the “Editor’s Picks” module without making a whole new custom front page. Surely there’s a way. Right now the front page is a morass of all the same content over and over again. Which, granted, is a pretty accurate representation of the site, but still.

So glad the fireworks are over. Fewer traumatized animals (and people) is a good thing.

God, save me from a Linux dev’s cutesy naming conventions.

Current obsession: Hostess lemon cupcakes.

Current viewing: the archives of Let’s Game it Out. Yes, I know his current videos easily get +1M views apiece (seriously, the Raft video has +23M), but it’s the older less-heralded content, when Josh is teamed up with Anthony, that entertains on a much different level. It’s less-polished and less-edited but so much fun to watch. If you can only watch one, Save the Date is pretty good, but if you’re up for a 56-episode timesink, the characters in Iconoclasts will keep you coming back for more (especially Rosie Perez Mina and Starscream Agent Black).

That’s about it. Happy Friday, y’all.

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