January 20, 2024

Observation: it’s cold outside. 

Update: I’ve fully emigrated from Twitter. There’s an audience for that platform but it doesn’t include me. I have an automated presence on Mastodon and a nascent account on Bluesky, but neither of those platforms has reached critical mass — or even a threshold of comfortable staying power — yet, so we’ll just wait and see how things unfold.

Revisitation: I didn’t think anything in the known universe could make me willingly use Bing, but it turns out DALL-E 3 integration just hadn’t been invented yet. Enjoy some seasonal cockatiels as proof of my pleasure.

Rumination: am hoping this site lets me kick the tires of WordPress a little more and gain a bit more comfort in its environment. It’s becoming a bit more relevant to me personally, so this blog has gained a touch more utility than a simple digital spleen.

Revelation: I’ve added a few more fields to the NaNoWriMo Generator, most notably a template for the book titles of the format “a BLANK of BLANK and BLANK” that seem to be all the rage nowadays. I may revisit this one in particular; something about it just makes me happy in my brainmeat.

Summation: many things have been happening, few of them very exciting, but all together, they pile up, and after you shovel them for a while, they break your back. Hope you’re staying warm.

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