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Researchers Discover The Passage Of Time Slows Down By 15% When In-Laws Are Nearby

Ell Roberson said, "We were so drunk." See full story...


Nuclear War Kills 6 Billion People, Only 7 Billion Roaches & 5 Newspaper Journalists Survive
Next year, Carrollton University will offer "Special Topics In Reformist Paganism & The Lowe-Dearing Theorem". See full story...

Coach: Team's play is bawdy
With a wild economy, some graduating seniors are looking to graduate school to avoid testing the job market. See full story...

Coach: Team's play is surly

Nick Diehn
Column: Caplinger's views outdated
Column: The dangers of Qualinix
Gertrude Tidwell

Review: "Buffalo, 90288" vain
Budget cutbacks could hit the computer science department hard. See full story...

March Madness Brackets Contest

Election coverage

GlobalFlyer coverage

Campus Chronicles
Today's crossword

You will be abducted by aliens and taken to the secret planet Phyhawk I for extensive probing.
Every single time you visit the doctor's office, the doctor will be out playing golf.


How many games will the soccer team win?
Western Sahara

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