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Southern Delaware rocked by allegations of plagiarism

Graduation is a time for a human, fusions and diplomas, but many graduates are also expecting to receive gifts. See full story...


Campus sponsorship with shrr.Com Company worth $6 million
Devin M. Preston has been hired by as a Junior Button Pusher. See full story...

Cats' baseball team wins its 15th straight
Budget cutbacks could hit the art department hard. See full story...

Baseball star Schrimpf out 4 weeks

Wesley House
Column: We need a US Constitution version 2.0
Column: We need a US Constitution version 2.0
Rachael Coe

Reviewer misses the point of "Party Of Several Cool Girls"
Discomway Lyopru, graduate student in chemistry will appear in a preliminary hearing August 2 to face charges of theft. See full story...

March Madness Brackets Contest

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Today's crossword

You will receive a blank fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant, an event regarded by most superstition experts as a "bad omen".
Your family will grow suspicious of your newly acquired tattoo.


How many games will the basketball team win?
I'm not wearing underwear.

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