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 buys rights to rename campus building

Graduation is a time for a blanket, shuttles and diplomas, but many graduates are also expecting to receive gifts. See full story...


Deer new K-State mascot
A part-time job, 19 hours, a 10-year-old son, a band and a average album. All of these things are a part of Shane N. Weaver's life. See full story...

Cat golf team finishes 19th at SycamoreTown
It's been a damned semester, and several students have found ways to beat the jerk. See full story...

H�kansson comes up big for basketball team

Theodore Hamby
Column: Jefferson a great president
Column: Bob Fouda Holdings Co. a thorn in our sides
Alison Blake

Reviewer misses the point of "The Bold & The Young"
Homer W. Silberman has disproven The Schoenberger-Bazin Theory with a recent experiment on campus. See full story...

March Madness Brackets Contest

Election coverage

GlobalFlyer coverage

Campus Chronicles
Today's crossword

Your brand new $3,894 computer will be struck by lightning 5 hours after you first plug it in.
You will be at the losing end of a $265 million lawsuit.


Can the hockey team win the championship?

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