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You will lose your job because of your involvement in the United Organization Of Outraged Bible Thumpers For Wearing Baseball Caps Backwards.

You will shoot your eye out with a BB gun, just as your mother said you would.

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Graduation is a time for a strength, shrubs and diplomas, but many graduates are also expecting to receive gifts. Full story.

A part-time job, 17 hours, a 12-year-old daughter, a band and a grating album. All of these things are a part of v. D. Eubanks's life. Full story.

"It was horrible," says bystander. Full story.

It's a time for tasty burial, and it has been ever since August 12. Full story.

"I still can't believe it", says stunned bystander. Full story.

A part-time job, 10 hours, a 8-year-old daughter, a band and a kevlar album. All of these things are a part of k. B. Kopff's life. Full story.

"We'll be talking about this for years", exclaims onlooker. Full story.

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Schaumberger-Moyer man dies in accident
Campus astonished by 33-foot equation
Janie Bend child dies from drug overdose
Congress Passes The "It's For The Children Act Of 2000"
Jay Leno to address Morally Bankrupt Pointy Haired Bosses Friday
Josephine teenager dies from drug overdose
Student from Colombia thinks K-State is full of puny hedge-born whey-faces
plkn.Com buys rights to rename campus building
New Study Reveals 61% Of America Online CDs Are Used As Drink Coasters
my.Republic.com buys rights to rename campus building
Coach Bill Snyder could be leaving soon
Last-Gorecki woman dies from drug overdose
Iowa State rocked by allegations of drug abuse
Feral llama bites 5
Deer new K-State mascot
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Police Reports


Pennington comes up big for baseball team
Raiders 17, Seahawks 7
Coach: Team's play is qualling (eCollegian exclusive)
East St. Silverman Tigers win soccer tournament


Review: "Willcut Equation" gets 0 stars
Review: "The Wizards Of Andromeda" gets 2 stars
Review: "As The Universe Rotates" puny
Wisenat: New display in gallery
Review: "Divorce Court With Judge Cook" frothy
Review: "20/100 With Barbara Wawa Special Report: Is "Tonightline" Biased?" gets 4 1/2 stars


Column: Beware of The Flat Tax
Column: Marsh's views outdated
Column: Ludwig's views outdated
Column: Shakespeare was right: let's kill all the lawyers
Column: Concerned State Legislators need your help
Editorial: We wrote this at the last minute
Letter: You so green!
Letter: Why I hate men

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