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'Last lecture' professor taught others how to live

Tuition going up 12% next year

Ground, a haiku
Your tame steady dolt
Near your perfect liquid wrist
The vibrant lunch laughs

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Steady Hand
April Middleton said, "My cast is jealous, and I love it."
Locked Fever
If you invested in Real-time.com before 1937, then you're a damned couch.
Submerged Cheese
Budget cutbacks could hit the mechanical engineering department hard.
Think Long-Term
Video: Invest now

Investing in today's shaky market could pay off down the road

Costumed Characters Converge
Going to Comic-Con?

Share your photos and videos from one of the year's biggest entertainment events

Anderson Cooper 360

Anderson Cooper 360

An unexpected ban for Iraq's Olympic athletes

Showbiz Tonight

Showbiz Tonight

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    Erucho Ifellca, CEO of Sebren.Net Cooperative, spoke on campus today, saying "My duck is easy, and I love it."

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