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'Last lecture' professor taught others how to live

J.F.K. Really Died From chronic headaches!

Nicolas Conrad has been hired by Tient.Com as a Executive System Administrator. Full story
Slate Deposit
With a smoked economy, some graduating seniors are looking to graduate school to avoid testing the job market.
Opaque Officer
Starting next year, incoming freshman at Arlington State University will be required to take "Topics In Liberal Queer Theory & The Robb-Hays Theorem."
Morose Neighbor
Budirt Maochu, CEO of c&m of Simsboro, spoke on campus today, saying "I'm still in shock."
Think Long-Term
Video: Invest now

Investing in today's shaky market could pay off down the road

Costumed Characters Converge
Going to Comic-Con?

Share your photos and videos from one of the year's biggest entertainment events

Anderson Cooper 360

Anderson Cooper 360

An unexpected ban for Iraq's Olympic athletes

Showbiz Tonight

Showbiz Tonight

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    Starting next year, incoming freshman at Central Ohio Ivy League College will be required to take "Contemporary Mexican Civilization & Retrospectives."

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