Medical Doctor. Specialist.
United States of America (English). TM: 3
Character is a member of a indigenous native people, now a racial minority.
Legitimate birth
Creche. Communal child-rearing.
(5) In a barn (or other farm building)
One unusual occurrence. Birth was such an unpleasant experience for the character. She was comfortable, warm, and well fed, and those doctors took all that away from her. Mental Affliction Delusional Identity. Character believes self to be a famous personage, usually someone quite well known from history or current events. Actions are otherwise quite normal, if one accepts that the character is acting as someone else.
Head of household (NPC) has one occupation. Agricultural worker: Agriculture technician

Aircraft Pilot: can fly most standard aircraft of her day.
Eastern Europe. Bulgaria (Bulgarian, Turkish, Greek). TM: 2
The character was born in Canada (English, French-Quebec) TM: 3 and moved to this land while young.
Illegitimate birth
None known. Left to fend for self. Change Social Status to Destitute (3 Ranks to Survival Skills).
(0) In a swimming pool (the natural birth idea)
Three unusual occurrences. Character's mother attempted to kill character immediately after birth, but was prevented. No justification was given at the time for her behavior. A family member [Distant Relative. Shares a common ancestor.] died the day that the character was bom. Character could be blamed for the death, or he might be presumed to be a reincarnation of the deceased. Father believes the character is not his child, but the offspring of another man (whether true or not).
Head of household (NPC) does not work. Other parent works ( Professor: teaches at a college or university.).

Cinematography (film making and appreciation). Devoted. Given a choice, this is how the character spends his free time. About 10 to 15% of total income is spent on this hobby. Skill Rank: 3
China, People's Republic of (Mandarin Chinese, many regional dialects).
The character's ancestry and current nation of residence are the same. While the character's ancestors may have come from another land, he has no strong emotional, physical or cultural ties to another country.
Legitimate birth
Older Sibling. Brother
(+5) In an exotic location. Select it on (20) In a scientist's research laboratory.: Exotic Places.
One unusual occurrence. Character is born during the occurrence of a noteworthy event. An attack
Both parents within the household have an occupation ( Laborer: Miner/ Journalist: a reporter of news and events. Character is a photojournalist. At Rank 5+, character is assumed to have world travel experience.)

Dentist: fixes teeth that need repair.
Mediterranean Nations. Albania (Albanian, Greek). TM: 2
The character's recent ancestry and current nation of residence are the same, however, the character has strong ethnic ties to, and takes great pride in his or her ancestor's country of origin, Western Europe. Spain (Spanish). TM: 3.
Legitimate birth
Two Parents (if illegitimate, parents not married).
(5) In a "special" organization's personal or affiliated hospital -- guaranteed to be prepared for any strange births.
Nothing unusual occurred.
Head of household (NPC) is or was an adventurer.

Enthusiast: Miscellaneous skills. Wine/LiqueurTasting.
United States of America (English). TM: 3
Character is a member of a repressed people.
Illegitimate birth
One Parent. Mother
(5) In a forest (in the trees, not in a hut or house)
Two unusual occurrences. Mother died in childbirth. The character receives 3 times his base starting money in cash. A Mysterious stranger bestows a gift on the character at birth. A laser pistol (any form of "blaster" pistol).. The character never learns the stranger's identity..
Head of household (NPC) does not have a readily apparent occupation of any kind. When money is needed, it just seems to be available.

Jack of All Trades: Clock Maker: makes and repairs mechanical time pieces. Glassblower: makes bottles and glassware.
Western Europe. Germany (German) TM: 3
The character was born in United States of America (English). TM: 3 and moved to this land upon reaching adulthood. No Personality Trait Develops
Illegitimate birth
State-run Center. Communal child care.
(5) In a foreign land Western Europe. Austria (German). TM: 3 (5) In a vehicle while travelling. In a seagoing vessel
Five unusual occurrences. Character was bom with serious physical afflictions. Physicians replace 1 defective or missing body parts with artificial counterparts. The functional ability of the parts reflect available technology. Appearance Character is hidden away to prevent others from the knowing of his birth. Experimental chemical waste was dumped close by. Character is born immediately after a momentous event. A shift in the economy causes severe inflation. The value of money becomes a fraction of what it was. All Social Statuses above Destitute drop 1 levels for 4 years. After that, they rise one level, but remain there (unless changed again). Roleplay: Superstitious folk often associate one event with another. Others who know of this might easily believe the character's birth was related to the event. Character is born with an unusual birthmark. Star
Head of household (NPC) has one primary occupation which is performed full-time (Computer skills--can program or operate most any computer.) and a secondary occupation which is performed on a part-time basis ( Radio Actor/Actress).

Test Pilot: tests the reliability of experimental aircraft.
United States of America (English). TM: 3
The character is the child of immigrants to Southern/Eastern Asia. Japan (Japanese). TM: 3. The character is a member of a racial minority within the area of ancestry.
Illegitimate birth
Other Relation. Ancestor, 3 generations removed
(+5) In a combined exotic location. Select two locations on (10) In the sewers.: Exotic Places, combine them together and add the BiMods.
Four unusual occurrences. Character is born with an unusual birthmark. Realistic Alchemical symbol Character has identical twin (normal)(similar temperment). The character is a natural focus for strange phenomena, and weirdness just seems to follow her around. Fortunately, she has adjusted to his peculiar life. Add +20% to the character's Fear reaction, +20% to her Surprise adjustment (she just isn't fazed anymore), and +2 to her primary guessing attribute (like intuition, Insight, or for lack of another, Luck). Character is born during the occurrence of a noteworthy event. A journey
Head of household (NPC) does not have a readily apparent occupation of any kind. When money is needed, it just seems to be available.