January 20, 2024

New theme! Hold your gasps of approval, please. Moving away from the gargantuan photo-centric approach to something more blog-flavored. Not sure if it’s going to work with my, shall we say, glacial blogging habits, but here’s hoping.

So the last year and change has seen a massive surge in the popularity and capacity of AI engines. I’m one of those people who sees this kind of technology as an existential threat and more of “oooh, toy!” so maybe I’m the wrong one to listen to. But (as has been published elsewhere) I’m of the mind that no sound mind should be using AI to replace human decision-making at any level yet. (But this is a rational argument and bean-counters know little except what an Excel spreadsheet tells them will get them a bigger bonus at the end of the year.) And I don’t begrudge anyone their animosity toward machine-learning algorithms or, more appropriately, their unearned position as newfound bringers of art and wisdom.

Me, I’ve been having fun playing with it all. I can’t imagine it ever replacing a person in the creative process, though. A machine has no responsibility and no accountability, no investment and no accomplishment. I’m not paying someone to prompt an AI when I can commission a genuine piece of art from an organically-creative artist. I do, however, love exploring the, for lack of a better term, thought-process of an AI engine as it tries to render what it thinks I’m asking for. I appreciate the aesthetics of the AI’s successes but I revel in its happy accidents. (I’ll let you figure out which is which.)

There’s tons more on my Twitter (yes, I know, hellsite, but I’ve also got a Mastodon bot up and running). Whatever I’m posting just depends on what rabbit hole I’ve gone down this particular day. I can’t promise quality of content, but it’ll probably be updated more often than this site.

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